Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program of PWN+ invites experts as volunteers to spend four to eight (4-8) hours per week for PWN+. Volunteer work is expected to be in unison with the requirements of the organization and the expertise of the volunteer. It is not required that the volunteer should travel to the network office for all the activities, the volunteer can spend the said voluntary period from their respective office/home or where ever they are comfortable. To carry out its projects and activities, the organization needed consummate commitment from the part of volunteers. For the completion of the activity, PWN+ or networks will suggest the required activities and work in tandem with the volunteer. As being a CBO, PWN+ could not spend money for the volunteer if no funding available for the activity. The national office of PWN+ will facilitate the volunteer program and function as a bridge between the volunteer and the State and District Level Networks.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at PWN+. For getting you to know better and to be able to offer a position matching your skills and expectations, kindly fill out the following form:

Volunteering Application

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Preferred days and timings for volunteering
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